Synonyms of Plumb:

Synonyms of Plumb: Straight, Aligned, True, Upright, Level, Vertical, Exactly, Perpendicular, Precisely

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Plan of Salvation - Chalk it Up!

We were inspired by the New York Missionaries who shared their message of the Plan of Salvation using sidewalk chalk at Union Square here:

We basically split up the Plan of Salvation into 4 parking spots.  I split my class into 5 groups.  One group was in charge of writing the title below.  And we also put our hand prints in the mortal stage parking spot.  I think it really helped them to understand the steps.  Even though one of the kids the next week was honestly explaining the kingdoms as "Celestial, Terrestrial, Telestial, and Outer Space." Made me laugh.  Also I usually don't like sharing pictures of our wonderful kids, but major shout out here.  We also brought towels for people to sit on in case they didn't want to get dirty. Also we didn't make a mess of it and did not vandalize anything during this, we also did it in the far back of the parking lot, so we didn't take up people's spots for church — it even rained the next day and washed it away.

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