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Synonyms of Plumb: Straight, Aligned, True, Upright, Level, Vertical, Exactly, Perpendicular, Precisely

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Plan of Salvation Olympics


February : Plan of Salvation

Why is learning an important part of Heavenly Father’s plan?
Sunday School Official Lesson:

You can pretty much change up the rules as much as you want, but the scriptures go along with the main subject question.  I decided which ever group read the scripture, they got to choose the order of which the competitors got to go for each event.

This activity is for ages 12-18 year olds, you can definitely make the events easier or harder depending on the kids.  It should only take about 30-40 minutes.  It could also be used for a weekly youth activity.

Please email for pdf versions of these, as I have no idea how to post them via pdf.

Don't Forget my in-depth plan of salvation chart is found here

Larger Versions:


  1. could I get your pdf of this please? I cannot find your email, but here is mine: ttmom 42 at yahoo dot com Thank you for sharing your talent!

  2. I'd like the pdf files please.
    I think my 12/13 year old class will like this activity.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Could I get your pdf files PLEEEEASE. Please send any info to my email address as I asked to notify me

  4. Can I have your PDF files please. Thanks.